Recurring problem with TurboTax update


David Arnstein

TurboTax 2013 on Windows 7 32-bit. This is 100% reproducible.

I launch TurboTax and immediately check for updates. If updates are
available, I click "OK" to start the update. If multiple updates are
available, all of them install successfully, except for the "program"
update. If fails, because the installer has no permission to access

No kidding. I am unable to delete that folder, using all the Windows
tricks I know.

I reboot Windows 7. The bad folder is gone! I repeat the update process.
This time, only one update is available, the "program" update. Installation
is successful.

This is annoying and inconvenient. Intuit publishes many of these updates
during tax season. Anyone have a solution?



Bruce J. Miller

There is appaerently a minor bug this year in dealing with update

In previous years, Turbo Tax, by default, checked for updates before
openig the program. I think yoiu'll find that if you run the program
and then click on
OnLine -> Updater Preferences
that NONE of the radio buttons is selected.
(Good practice is to have one selected by default.)

Try selecting Automatic Updates, closing the program and re-opening
it. Perhaps with updates happening before the program opens fully,
your phantom folder will be accessible.

I'm running TT 2013 Deluxe Federal/State, Win 7 64-bit.

Hope this helps.

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