Reflecting... as one does..



Looking back on my 30-plus years in our profession..

...when I was articled - in Essex - it was almost Dickensian... yeah, the
quill pens had gone but my first 'desk' was smaller than that I had
enjoyed at school..

I recall the 'hallowed' day when I was my turn to accompany the senior
Partner to lunch... I was given very exacting instructions by the Chief
Clerk as to what-to-do, what-not-to-do..

... we duly left the office at 12.50 and walked up the High Street to
(gawd 'elp me, I can't remember) Restaurant. First floor. Rickety
staircase. Above a Wool shop.

Table for eight. Place was packed.. one table left, by the wall but with
acres of space, pristinely clear. We were there at precisely 12.59. At
13.00 the mumblings coming up the stairs indicated that others had

The 'Great' and the 'Good' arrived, took their seats - thank Gawd I
wasn't the only young whippersnapper there.

The 'Bank Manager' plus his deputy. The 'Chartered Surveyor' plus his
house-selling junior. The 'Accountant' (that's us). The 'Architect'. The
'Town Clerk'.

I couldn't eat a fscking thing, I was so overawed by the company.. but
the conversation taught me oodles. Not least that the pursed lips, the
sharply in-drawn breath, the depressed visage and the sorry shake-of-the
head as a response gains a) time, b) respect and c) more fees

Pity some of the 'johnny-come-lately's' in this group haven't got the
same philosophy or experience. Willing to outflow, with exuberance and I
suggest to excess, the nollidge wot took many of us years to

Sheesh. Enough of this maudlin reminiscing.. let's get back to the
dynamism that is online Intrastat Declarations..


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