Refund Cycle Chart



Because we received large tax credit this year, I e-filed our taxes as
soon as I had received all the necessary forms.

On 2/6, I received a confirmation that my federal return was accepted by
the IRS, so I was expecting to see the direct deposit into our bank
account on Friday, 2/15 based on the 2008 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart.

The refund did not arrive on 2/15, and it looks like the IRS might only
do direct deopsits on Fridays, so I'm waiting to see what happens this

At the bottom of the chart, the The IRS is careful to say that they
don't guarantee a specific date, and there seems to be a standard "you
should have your refund in 3 weeks" disclaimer, so don't bother
inquiring before then - but the fact that they have this chart at all
makes me believe that it is the exception rather than the rule to not
get the direct deposit on the expected date - or why bother to have a chart.

So my question is, how rare is it for the direct deposit of a refund
from an e-filed tax return to be later than the expected date? On the
whole, our taxes are pretty simple and straightforward, so it's unlikely
there were any red flags for the IRS.

Am I just unlucky, or should I be worried that I made a mistake when
entering the data?




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