Registration information was not sent successfully


Schyler Jones

I installed Microsoft Small Business Accounting OEM as part of Office Small
Business Edition on a customer-built PC for a customer. Whenever SBA is
launched, the following message appears:

"Your registration information was not sent successfully to Microsoft.
Click OK to resend now, or click Cancel to resend later."

I see another person has posted messages about the same error but no one has
been able to identify a resolution (at least in response to his post).

Installing the update below is supposed to fix the problem, but doesn't:

Issues that are fixed in Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006
Service Pack 2

In the fine print of the above KB article:

"List of issues fixed:
When you start Small Business Accounting 2006, you receive a message that
states that registration failed after you activated the product. This issue
occurs if a registration ID was not entered."

I am not sure what the last sentence means, other than a product key, the
installer is not prompted to enter any type of "registration ID."


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