Reimburse an expense my company makes up front



How do I go about reimbursing my company for a payment that I, as the owner,
makes up front?

The issue: I have a monthly cellphone bill which is for two lines. One line
is the business line, the other is my friends. She is not an employee of the
company. She pays for her line, I for the business. However, I pay the whole
bill up front. She pays me her half, so how do I go about recording this? I
would not consider this INCOME.





Generally speaking, you record the bill & payment, then journal between the
expense account and eg Owners Equity the sum that is personal




Do you charge extra for the cell line of your friend/ or is it a pass through
IE Charge $10 - receive $10, If it is a passthrough, Setup a service item,
with a income/ expense account, but set the price and cost the same. then you
can receive her pament for here use. when yo pay the bill it is a company
expense on your use, but wash on her use. same in same out

Also if she does not pay you it show as an A/R

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