Reimburse employee crashs accounting express



Every time I hit "save" in the reimburse employee dialog, accounting express
crashes. This used to work, so presumably some information in the database
has become inconsistent, but I don't know how to tell what it is, or how to
fix it. Is there any way to repair the state at this point?

The product version is Accounting Express 2007, and it is running on an
XP-x64 host (core-2 duo with 1GB ram).

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James Grant {MSFT}


Are you still encountering this error? Please make sure you apply the
latest service pack (in Office Accounting, go to Help and Check for

In your submission, you asked if there is a repair function (though this
might not address your specific error);

There is a repair option in your data utilities;

1. Close out of MOA Express
2. Go to Start | All Programs | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office
Accounting Tools and click Data Tools
3. Click the Advanced Tab
4. Click Repair and select your database
5. Choose to Repaiir

Once it completes, see if the error persists. If the error continues,
please contact our Technical Support Team at 1-866-827-1619 so we can
further diagnose the problem.


Microsoft Online Support Engineer

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