Reissuing gift card / voucher



We currently use bar codes and RMS's voucher feature for gift cards. The
gift card we printed were double sided and about $0.90 per card. We have a
large number of fully redeemed gift cards, many in excellent condition.

Is it possible and/or advisable to delete the data associated with the fully
redeemed cards and resell them?

This is not only good for the environment, but also to keep our costs lower.




It is possible to delete the data on sold cards. You need to go to the
items portion of manager and then edit the voucher "item" under the
serials tab. Then you can delete any of the active serial numbers from
there. Only down side of this is that you could accidentaly delete a
"sold" card that has a balance on it. We have erased card data and it
affected nothing from our end. Our accounting is horrible though so you
can take it with a grain of salt. We also reuse the "zeroed" cards by
using them as store credits for returns. It has made the return process
a dream for us amd our customers are impressed as well.


Good idea. We tested this and it should work. While we often resell cards to
add value for a single customer, we historically have not done this across
different customers. By deleting the serial number, it looks like there are
still records of the serial number transactions, but the cashier has a
"cleaner" history with which to deduct balances.

In short, your idea should work.

As for the bookkeeping, seems like POS integrated well with quickbooks - at
least for us to analyze sales and profits from different departments. We did
notice that the POS doesn't distinguish between gift card sales in it's
graphics, so in a sense it double counts the gift cards as sales in its


I'm glad to hear it will work out for you. As far as financials are
concere=ned did you ever have a look and Microsoft's "Small Business
Financials"? It's very inexpensive and looks to have all the features
we want since we are on spreadsheets now I don't really ahve a clear
vision of what it should do.

On a side note, the gift card issue should be fixed in January with the
next version of RMS.




You can run a report (I do it every two weeks when I do payroll) to get the
total of all vouchers (gift certificate and store credits) sold and then
make an adjusting entry to sales on the accounting end to correct for the
'double' sale of gift certifcates.

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