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POS was running fine on a pc running on Windows Xp. Motherboard died.
Bought new pc which of course is running Vista. I have installed the old
harddrive as a secondary drive on the new pc and I kept getting this remote
connection database error not allowed. Well, I reinstalled POS on the
primary harddrive and now I get a cannot connect to the database error.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



Akber Alwani

Recently I studied that vista does not support SQL 2005 express edition and
I belive becuase I don't have POS 2 but have information, you need to install
the latest SP for the SQL 2005 on your vista machine. Here is note by MS:

Note: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP1 can be installed on Windows Vista
but has known issues with User Access Control. Service Pack 2 is the
recommended patch level for Windows Vista support. SQL Server 2005 Express
Edition (SQL Server Express) SP2 can be used to install a new instance of SQL
Server Express

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