Remote connection from SBA SDK



Hi guy,

I need some help in making a remote connection to Office Accouting.

Here is my scenario.
-- OA (Microsoft Office Accouting 2008 & MSSQL Server 2005) is
installed on one machine (PC1).
-- I have a web application which hosted on another machine (PC2).
-- What i'm trying to do it make a connection from my web app (PC2) to
office accounting (PC1).
-- I have sba sdk in my app code.
-- I'm able to connect and get data from OA if both app and OA
installed on the same machine. But if my app is
on other machine I cant make the connection.
Error Msg: Connection to database failed or the supplied database is
not a Microsoft Office Accounting database. The Loader cannot connect
to the SBA database. The application must exit

-- I have enable Multi-user settings with users
ASPNET - Owner
Guest- Owner

I need to know is this possible to achieve. If yes please kindly give
me some hints.
Any help will be appreciated.



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