Remove edit from approval code box


David B

Is there any way within RMS or via an addon that the approval code box could
be grayed out to prevent cashier's entering an approval code?

We do not do any phone authorizations, so we'd only need it to be able to
get an approval code when RMS contacts the processor and retries its own
approval code.




Ryan @ RITE

Use RMS Security to lock this out. To this follow these steps:
1. Log into POS
2. Click the blank function button in the lower left-hand of the screen.
This should put a yellow lock in this box.
3. Begin a sale like you would, and tender to a credit card.
4. When the credit card swipe form opens, press Control S at the same
time, this will highlight a number of fields and button in red or blue
5. In the Security screen that opens, check each box in the disable
change column
6. Press Ok.
7. Press Control S again to exit Security Mode
8. Click the box with the yellow lock on it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

Ryan Sakry
Program Manager
(e-mail address removed)
320-230-2282 ext. 4002 (Office)
320-230-1796 (Fax)

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