remove reason code from description



I used custom button to calculate the price of an item and add to
current transaction. Because this item is created in the database with
original price set to 0, I have to set up a discount reason code for
that. When I add the new transaction entry, I also created description
string for that. Everything works fine except that the reason code will
be automaticly added to my customized description string. The
description looks like "... Discount Code: CF". Is there any way to get
rid of this part from the description? The following is part of my

'Add new entry
TranEntry = Session.Transaction.Entries.Add(id, ilc, 1, 0, False, 1)
It doesn't make difference from Add(id, ilc, 1, 0, False, 0)

And then set reason code:
TranEntry.DiscountReasonCode = MyReasonCode

Finally set the description
TranEntry.Description = MyDes

When does Pos add the discount reason code to the description? I set
the description at the last stage but the discount reason still added
to the description.

Has anyone got an idea?



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