Removing the Stake from D.W.P



As we turn the page with good’s fort-tune with Rothschild rear range
with long vehicle in mind.

Jobseekers don’t need conversation
they need action it should be a cake walk.

David Bowie

Come on George Osborn put on your red shoes and walk the blues.

Lets Line Dance.

Supreme Bones Barry White

Let it play on on and on something of the what Knight Templar Michael
Heseltine and Michael Howard something of the night long right right
write till the STAKE is gone.

“O lord these are the policy of the sea shore”

“I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues”

No Storm any New Dawn

Government minister in every jobcentre to pull jobseeker to one side
and ask relevant questions what what can do …… Job seeker my say for
Housing Benefit C/T

Pension and a £100 pw I could Road Sweep Remove Chewing Gum and more……

James Morrison
As I’ve been out in a long and the Flexible Deal comes crashing down
now we can start fixing it up when there is no one to turn the volume
down Pension of I.D.S as we take a Chain and bill it round has we
hold the act of right as we Cain and take it to David and fix the car
bonnet as it comes star chamber we are the real black and blue eyes
never dole when we cam and rod as we drive this pillar 13 off as we
Calm the word of Cain shape through David true to the gospels


I.D.S his days are over as we flush him down the kitchen cabinet sink
can you feel your cc coming……… as we hold pole……………

mark patrick norris



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