repayment obligations



I am preparing my personal bankruptcy plans in pro-per and have a gross
monthly income of $4,000 and
expenses of $3850. My indebtedness exceeds $1,200,000, primarily
medical expenses. Will the court require me to set aside $150 monthly
as a repayment schedule or will I be able to start from new. I am self




I highly doubt it. If you're filing Chap 7, while a blow to credit,
repayment of any sort is unlikely. With that amount of debt, the
chances of you being able to tighten our belt and pay it off in a few
years are close to nil. Trustee will see it's medical debt, not
carelessness, and probably file a no-asset case quickly. New law might
make you go thru some inital counseling, etc. Good luck!



Brett Weiss

IMO, anyone who files a pro se case under the new law is a fool. It is
simply too complex and the penalties for messing up, even slightly, are

Especially given the amount of debt you are involved with, get a lawyer.

Brett Weiss
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