Replacement for Quicken?

Discussion in 'UK Accountancy' started by Philip Herlihy, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. I have a customer (I'm an IT practitioner) with an elderly PC showing
    signs of nearing the end of its life. He has his accounting records in
    Quicken XG 2004, which I understand is no longer sold. He does have the
    installation disks, but no license key (although we haven't bottomed all
    the possible options for extracting that from the existing system). In
    any event, he'd like to move to something which is currently supported,
    and suitable for a modest business (with modest profits).

    Does anyone here have any advice on what packages he might consider?
    Meanwhile, what's the best way of exporting the data for use in, say,
    Excel? I don't know Quicken and a quick survey of the menu options
    didn't reveal anything obvious.
    Philip Herlihy, Apr 11, 2012
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  2. Philip Herlihy

    A.Lee Guest

    Quicken is still available, and the easiest to use in my opinion.

    Gnucash is free, and pretty powerful, with many functions that are
    unlikely to get used, but still usable for a small business. However, it
    can be a pain to install (I've only used it on a Mac), no idea if they
    do an easy install for Windows. It's really good for importing all sorts
    of file formats, so may be suitable for old files.

    Paid for (nearly always big money) programs are plentiful. Sage is good,
    but expensive.

    For personal finance, MS Money, or its newer derivatives are probably
    the easiest to buy, no idea what they'll import.

    A.Lee, Apr 11, 2012
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  3. Thanks, Alan. I've looked into the availability of both Quicken and
    Microsoft Money and it seems that the UK-specific versions of both were
    discontinued some years ago, but that some version is still available.
    Sage certainly is good, and has an unusually good support service, but
    that, like the product itself, is indeed expensive. Gnucash sounds very
    promising, especially with a need to retrieve useful information from
    backup files. Thanks for the tip!

    As an IT practitioner and software developer, I naturally wrote my own
    accounting and billing system. It's quirky, but it does *exactly* what
    I want it to!
    Philip Herlihy, Apr 12, 2012
  4. Philip Herlihy

    Peter Saxton Guest

    Why not get the QuickBooks free version.
    Peter Saxton, Apr 13, 2012
  5. Philip Herlihy, Apr 13, 2012
  6. Philip Herlihy

    Peter Saxton Guest

    Peter Saxton, Apr 16, 2012
  7. Philip Herlihy, Apr 18, 2012
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