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QB 2003 Premiere US

In creating a sales sumary report, boss asked for it sorted by amount.
Had no problem modifying the report to do that, but when I selected the
current fiscal year QuickBooks promptly told me I was out of memory and
shut down. The computer has 768 Mb of RAM. Could QB really need more?
Anyone else have this problem?




Mike Block - QuickBooks Tax Cut C.P.A.

We run everything on 512m workstations. You
may have a bad memory block or a temporarily
bad file. Try a Rebuild (single user) & cut down
background processes with Ctrl-Alt-Del. Start
by taking the QB auto-updater and everything
else possible out of your Startup folder. Turn
off auto update in QB (why update each time
you start a system if Intuit only has around 10
updates a year).

Mike Block - QuickBooks Tax Cut C.P.A.
Intuit paid me to make QuickBooks better!

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