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Yes. Use the Transaction Detail by Tax Code report. When you open it, set
the date range to cover the period you're reviewing, or change the range to
All. The report can be printed or exported to Excel.


Thanks, SumCPA. The report shows only tax codes, I can’t choose tax groups in
modify report - columns. A tax group for my purpose is a County. I have to
apply 3-5 different tax codes (=local taxes) to each county. Tax codes do not
change. I just have to select the current tax codes to the counties. I have
to run reports which show totals for each tax code, as well for each tax
group (county) to file proper sales tax returns. This is still is not
possible. Any idea?



Lance [MSFT]

If your county tax groups do not contain tax codes used in other counties,
then you can use the Vendor Name filter to isolate the taxes for the tax
agencies that own the tax codes in the tax group.

How to do this...
Open the tax report, open filters, select the vendor name filter (which is
also a tax agency filter and choose Selected Names. Then click the Show
Selected button. On the next screen choose the county tax agency and any
local tax agency within that county (if any exist). This should show taxes
that are for that county only.

If the same tax code is used in multiple tax groups (such as a state sales
tax), then the program cannot tell you which portion of the taxes for that
tax code came from which tax group.

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