Repost: Income Support Backdated payment (shorened and simplified)




I have been denied backdated pay because I didn't hand in one wage slip
(which I did not have due to employer's fault) therefore supposedly making
it a month since evidence was handed in. All other wage slips were handed in
within a month but the benefits agency claim to have sent 2 letters about
the issue which were not received. However, the benefits agency office
decided to phone over a month after the initial application form was filled

This makes it extrememely difficult with having earnt £0 for so long and
having bills and living costs. I *really* need this backpayment.

IMO it's the fault of the benefits agency for not failing to alert me to the
problem. If I'd known sooner I'd have sorted it straight away without a
problem. It's not like I was trying to hide something or had any reason to
not send them the wage slip. One can not help feeling that the benefits
agency have done this on purpose in order to save themselves a few hundred

I have been given this link

but the info is pretty basic.

I will go to the CAB but I wondered if any of you knowledgeable people could

Thanks in advance.


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