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I am writing an article about the British social system for a Swiss
paper called L'Hebdo (

It is a long feature where I am being asked to portrait three
people/families who illustrate the systems behind tax credit, income
support and jobseeker's allowance. These will be lively portrait about
people's experiences and what they think of social security in Great

If you fall into one of the following category, I would be very
interested to interview you. I live in London and would travel anywhere
inside the M25 this week to meet you.

Tony Blair hopes to influence the future of the European social model
during his presidency of the EU, which has just started. This is an
opportunity to explain the advantages and the failures of the British
system. Please, send me an email or reply to the thread to give your

The three categories are:

- A family who is on tax credit. There has been some report about
problems with tax credit recently. However, this is still a centre
piece of the government policies. If you are or have been on tax
credit, please tell me you experience.

- A single parent on income support. This is about the New deal for
Lone Parents. I would like to hear about the difficulties that you may
have faced. I would like to ask you also if this is a good measure for
you. Have you returned to work at some point and stopped again. Is it
sufficient enough to live on it?

- Someone who is on jobseeker's allowance or was in the past. I would
like to know whether this is pushing people going back to work. Do you
think it is a good thing? Did you struggle with the allowance before
finding another job? I am also interested to hear about people who have
been looking for a job for more than six month.

Anyone who has had to deal with the social protection these last few
years will help me better understand and illustrate how it works.
Please don't hesitate to reply.

Thank you !

Best regards,



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