restore backup password problem



My pc crashed but I had no worries (I thought) because I have Carbonite.
I installed the same software Money Standard 2006 version on my laptop as
was on my desktop. Everything is fine and I am inside the money program.
I downloaded my latest Money backup from Carbonite to my laptop.
When I try to restore the backup into Money, I am asked for my Money password.
I have had the same password for years so there is no mistake. I have
entered it at least 10 times.
I get the error message that the password is incorrect and to try again.
Without the password I cannot restore the backup.
I called Money support and they no longer have any help for the 2006 version.
I was told they may be able to help if I buy the 2008 MSM.
I can't afford that expense right now.
I'm in my 60's so in no way am I a guru with this computer thing, but I can
follow directions well.
Can anyone help me?




Have you tried installing the Trial version of Money Plus Deluxe to see if
it will open the file.
If it does, is it possible that you had actually used a verison of Money
newer than 2006 previously.
Older versions of Money will interpret a data file created by a newer
version as "encrypted" and ask for a password since it doesn't recognize the
newer format.

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