Restore Backup



Had to reinstall Money 2000 due to computer problems. Went
through restore backup file process but none of my
accounts are there when I look for them. Also, my password
is never requested. What am I doing wrong? How do I keep
from having to spend hours re-entering all my information?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...BJ



Dorando Pietri

When you tried restoring the backup immediately after
making it, your data showed up then, I'm assuming..

Double-click sample.mny in the Microsoft Money folder and
some bogus data should appear.

Close Money

Copy your .mbf Money backup file to somewhere on the hard
Double-click that copy
Click the Browse button and restore it to your My
Documents folder.
If Money opens and no data appears, the backup is of an
empty file and you will have to reconstruct your data.

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