Restoring a company from backup fails




I have been trying to move a business from Windows 7 Home Ultimate to
Windows 7 Business Ultimate.

The business originated on an XP Pro box and the move to Home Ultimate was
very smooth - so I thought it should be just as easy this time.

The failure message says that the restore command is looking for .mdf and
..ldf files (instead of .sbd and .sbl). MDF files and LDF files are not
recognised in the data utilities in MSOA 2008 (so I cannot simply detach...
and attach...). How my database ended up being .mdf and .ldf I do not know.
Business Contact Manager is also built into the path and MSOA on the Home 7
machine will not allow me to detach it (which I thought may convert the files
back to sbd and sbl). Business Contact Manager has not been used at all on
the Home 7 machine (I did even just install it to see if it would then allow
itself to be detached).

I have tried opening up the .sbb file and amending some stuff by hand
(adding correct paths for the win 7 64 bit and users) - it fails later but
then with a "media family is incorrectly formed" message. (Any suggestions
for best program to do this as it will not open in notepad and I suppose it
is possible WordPad is putting extra characthers in)

I have gone back to the original XP Pro backups and they have the same
errors on the 64 bit machine.

I would love to hear any ideas.





Perhaps I should add:

The business started in a version of MSOA 2007 and was upgraded to MSOA Pro
2008. It is MSOA Pro 2008 that I am currently using.

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