Retail Management System Store Operations V1.3


Just Me

Have been using this software for several years, not used for 3 weeks.
Getting a software license violation detected. Store Operations will
immediately shut down for the following reason: The evaluation version of
this software has expired. Did not install an evaluation version. What's up
with not being able to install the software again.




Evaluation is what your system will kick into when your dongle (you are not
on 2.0 key codes yet) is not found. This is the purple MS key.

So - either
1) The comp has been booted and the found new hardware wizard was bypassed
2) The dongle is not attached to the computer
3) You might have your license in an external USB hub - which can sometimes
be funky
4) If running multiple lanes - the dongle must be initiated on the comp that
houses the dongle before any other systems (by logging on to SO POS/Mgr, etc)

If the dongle is attached to the comp - do this from the computer with the
Right Click My Computer>
Device Manager>
Look for the USB Super Pro (will have an exclamation mark by it)>
Right click on it>
Scan for hardware changes>

License will now be installed.

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