Retainer or pay-in-advance clients




Hi all,

Does anyone know much about dealing with retainer or pay-in-advance clients
and any corresponding reports?

I've just converted from using Quickbooks Pro 2005 to Office Accounting Pro
2007. I imported all my information and data from Quickbooks, but I'm looking
for a report in Office Accounting that is the same as a Retainer Balance
Report in Quickbooks. I have several customers that pay me in advance for a
discounted rate when purchasing any number of service plans. I had this all
set up in Quickbooks and had the process down to where it was easy for me to
log time spent on client projects and apply the time to the pre-paid plans. I
am hoping the process in Office Accounting will be just as simple to
accomplish, but the Retainer Balance Report is crucial for me to keep an eye
on the balance of these retainers.

I appreciate any guidance here.
Andrea Kalli



Lance [MSFT]

Prepayments are entered using the Receive Payment form. In the receive
payment form, if you don't pick an invoice to pay, then a pre-payment is

To use up part of a prepayment, enter an invoice for the amount of time
used. Then enter a payment where you 'pay' the invoice by applying credits.
In the apply credits dialog, pick the prepayment and set the credit amount to
the amount of the invoice.

To find the balance remaining on customer pre-payments, look in the A/R
aging details report. Prepayments will appear as type 'Customer Payment' (or
'Journal Entry' if you used the journal form) and will have a negative number
in the amount column. The value in 'Amount' is the amount that remains

Might be easiest to export the report to excel and then remove all the
invoice lines so that you get only the prepayments in the report.

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