Retiring Abroad



I guess this question may come up a lot (apologies if so) but are there
comprenehsive and trustworthy sites which give advice on retiring abroad?

I'm thinking of something that runs through the common target countries with
pros and cons, implications, how you move pensions, how you get visas, what
if you want to switch domicile as well as residence (indeed, what those two
terms mean) etc.

I'm wondering if all I'll find is:
* top end banks and accounting firms providing one 2 one and very expensive
"wealth planning"
* slightly dodgy small sites that offer to get you a passport in some
jurisdiction if you forward nnn dollars to a stragely named bank
* sites that seem to offer advice, but it turns out to be superficial, and
actually they're looking for contact details so they can sell you various
financial products



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