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Apr 10, 2012
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I need to get a license for my business and the state of
california needs me to get a California licensed CPA to do
a "review" of my financial statements. Now in california,
there are different levels' of cpa.
1. What level is allowed to do reviews?
2. I heard something about peer review or something.. do i
need a cpa that is licensed and has peer review.. i dont
understand what peer review means.. can anyone explain?
3. is there any other qualifications that the cpa must have
to do a "review" financial statement for the state of
california? (just wanted to know who are required to do it)



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May 12, 2011
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1 and 3. Only a Calif CPA with an "A" designation can issue a review. So look on the Cali Board of Accountancy website to see the designation of the CPA you are considering. Also the website will indicate if CPA is active or inactive - you want active.
2. Peer review is like a consumer reports on the CPA. So ask CPA for date and results of latest one.

Good luck

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