Chris Schatte

Have to speak my peace as a small business owner, Microsoft Partner, Alpha,
Beta, etc... tester over several years.
Yesterday your company (IMO) basically committed suicide.
Someone(s) somewhere there along with Mr. Ballmer chose to cast millions and
millions of small businesses in the US and across the world aside.
Someone(s) somewhere there decided to persue only medium to large businesses
for your company's future.

Andriod vs WinMo
Visual Studio 10 being a great app but somewhat unusable for small/medium
iPhone/Apple cornering the personal/small business market before they go
after corporate
Accounting vs QB
on and on...

Yes, yesterday your company cast millions of small businesses like ours aside.
Money and Office Accounting were your apps that got discarded like trash run
thru a shredder by someone(s) somewhere there.

We were on the verge of out growing Accounting and were planning to go with
the inro Dymanics app for POS for our store locations and our other business.

You lost a sale yesterday, also any future hardware software upgrades that
we were planning for this year end and next year.
Doubt it will mean anything to anyone there.
But some good employee there will eventually loose his/her job when the
several million of us small businesses have no choice but to do business

Layoffs? A bunch of you will be let go outright without the benefits
(previosly mentioned)those lucky to be laid off will get.

Good luck with your complicated suicide.

We are moving on.
Innovating and growing like any nimble business should.

Its not bashing its just business...
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