RMA Returnd Merchandise to Vendor


Garret Traylor

We have for the first time returned inventory to a vendor. How do
manage/process this (RMA's) in RMS Manager. We just have one store. The
terminology ... transfer in / transfer out ... is confusing and sounds like I
should have more than one store.



Akber Alwani

HI Traylor,

it is not really difficult, i know the grammer it is for inventory transfer
in/out is related to in-store things but RMS has been made to perform the
trasnfer out to the vendor. From the Trnasfer Type you can select supplier
and then from the Lookup button select the vendor you have this will work.

The transfer out also can me used for various inventory adjustments i.e.
damage stock to be remove from your store inventory etc.



Ron Reyes

To transfer items out to vendor items should be returned into offline (using
reason codes) then using offline inventory transfer out to vendor. It's a two
step process but you can see the stuff "piling up" this way in manager. This
gives you accurate counts of "available inventory" at all times as well.

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