RMS 2.0 Item Comments



Looking for help in the the following..

In the RMS screen, need to input comments for individual items and for the
transaction - but when I print the receipt, I do not want to print the
comments. Is this possbile?

Secondly, can I recall a transaction and add comments to that transaction?
(for instance, if a customer calls, we can add notes here)

Appreciate any assistance


Under POS Options, you can "Prompt for details on transactions," to add
comments. It lets you add comments at the transaction level; not the item
level. You can recall the transaction and hit the <Details> button any time.


Maybe a dumb question but how do I recall a transaction? I see option for
'recall a transaction for refund' only


Sorry. Yeah, you're right. You can only change it at the point of sale.
Recalling creates a new transaction. You can do it with a layaway, but not a
straight sale. Once the transaction is complete, it appears to be

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