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Doug Pic-N-Pac

We are taking bids on RMS resellers that write add-ons this is what we need.
We need an add-on that would: When the cashier signed on it would
1. Ask for their carton count for cig. Then the program would calculate
what the cashier said was left from the night before and see if it matched if
it didn’t there should be some sort of note to recount and secondly a note
sent to the HQ or SO notify the fact that the carton count is short or over.
So during that cashiers shift if a carton was sold or stocked for single
sells it would deduct from the carton count the cashier should have at the
end of her shift. In which the cashier inputs her carton count left in the
2. It would also ask the cashier for “gas totals from the consoleâ€
3. It would also ask the cashier for lottery totals.

When the Z was finally printed out it would look at what the cashier rang up
on gas in comparison to what was on the gas console (which is gas run thru
the pumps).
It would also look at what the cashier rang up on Lottery in comparison to
what the lottery sheet said they sold. Then it would give a over or short
number on the z tape.

For instance if the cashier rang up $100.00 on gas but the console said
$105.00 went thru the pump the cashier would be shown $5.00 short.

The lottery would work the same way if the cashier rang up $100.00 on the
lottery department but her sheet is saying that she should have rung up only
$95.00 then it would show her as over $5.00

If you think your company can write this add on for please e-mail me at
(e-mail address removed) with a quote.



Afshin Alikhani


This I will email you a quote

Afshin Alikhani - [ (e-mail address removed) ]
CEO - Retail Realm
= = = = = = = = = = =

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