RMS and GP 9.0



Hi All

My company they go to use great Plains 9.0 with RMS 1.2. Only I need Some
body tell me what I need from this configration.
1.Database requirments (which one I have buy with GP and RMS)

*microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprice Edition sp4.
* microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standerd Edition SP4
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Workgroup Edition SP4.
* microsoft SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) SP4.

2. Operating System:
* Microsoft Windos 2000 Server SP4.
* Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4.
*Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standerd Edition SP1.
*Microsoft Windows Server 2003 EnterPrise Edition SP1.

3.Disk Configuration
* RAID 1 for operating system and applications (2Disk)
*RAID 1 for SQL database log files (2disk)
*RAID 5 (4disk minimum) or RAID 10 (8 disk minimum)for SQL data files
*RAID 1 for TempDB (2 disks) optional, but recommened.
*RAID 0 for SQL server Backups (full and log) (2 disks)

2GB Or More.

* We Go to use this programme on to Company on diffrent place and we go to
connect from company A to Company B by (DSL 512 MB) and we go to use CTX on
this comminication between tow Company.

Please can any one what exactly I need to let this Project sucsess.



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

You need to work with resellers for both Great Plains and RMS to get
your system sized correctly for your organization. Both RMS and GP will
run on MSDE, but if you are large enough to even think about GP, then
that is probably NOT going to come close to meeting your needs. You
should understand right upfront that the biggest component of this type
of implementation is going to be services - including evaluating your
requirements and sizing your solution to fit.

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
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