RMS Dynamics 2.0 and Epson TM-T88v

Apr 18, 2012
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Hi to All,

I have replaced epson tm-u200bp with epson tm-t88v on win 2000 pro sp4 machine.
the only diff. is tm-u was on LTP port and TM-T88V is on USB port. Before installing new printer I have uninstalled EPSON OPOSADK 2.65E and installed 2.67E R4 and configure printer and MMF cash drawer installing USB port through OPOS, The health check for both successful. The MMF cash drawer pops and receipt prints perfectly fine.

The only problem is the POS hangs for 3-7 sec after each cash transaction . On credit card transaction POS doesn't hang because we set not to open cash drawer on credit card transaction.

We use RMS Dynamics 2.0 on 3 registers ( two on daily use and one backup)

To troubleshoot this issue the steps taken are
1, swap the cash drawer with cable (MMF to MMF)
2, swap the printer with usb cable (TM-T88V to TM-T88V)
3, swap the register (making sure its connected to database)
4, set the printer on USB interface from Auto interface

Any idea whats going on here? Or any settings needs to be made?

Please help me....


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