RMS/QuickBooks PO Process


Jason Kelton

I'm pretty new to both RMS and Quickbooks and I have a question regarding how
most folks receive product and invoices into their system. I have yet to try
this, but it seems like this would be the process:

1. Make PO in RMS
2. Receive PO in RMS
3. Export PO into Quickbooks for payment

Seems pretty simple, but what do most people do if you generally get product
in w/o an invoice (just packing slip) and the invoice comes later? Is there
something you can do to designate that the imported PO needs to be checked
with an invoice? The person receiving the PO is more than likely going to be
a different person than the one paying the invoice. I'm sure someone has a
good solution out there - I just want to get a process in place in my head
before I go live with the system.




Hi Jason,

If you are interested we can discuss the custom solution for RMS & QB PO

(e-mail address removed)

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