Run-Time Error 28



when I used item for sale on POS more than 100, after F12 and then input
tender type I have Error #28 out of stack space (source:QSRules) Set Nocount
on select item.itemtype, item.parentItem. Item.ParentQuantity,
Item.Quantity.............. From Item Where ID=?

-My CPU : 1.7 GHz, RAM 256
-My CPU : 2.0 GHz, RAM 512

Both have Error

Plase everyone help me.... -_-''

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I have a client who gets "out of stack space" on both of their POS stations.
This usually happens when it is very busy. They were originally on Quicksell
and we upgraded them to RMS 2.0. I have formatted the POS hard drives and
reinstalled everything with the latest hotfixes and they are using SQL 2005
express with SP2. The database resides on another computer that also has POS
lane licensing. That computer is new and does not get the "out of stack"
error message but when used as a POS it get "windows encountered an error and
needs to close the program...". So all three machines get error messages and
kicked out of RMS. Processor speed and memory are beyond the requirements.
Uh, what's up?


After reformatting and reinstalling everything they don't get the "stack
overflow" message. They instead now get the same error message that the new
computer gets - "this program has encountered an error and will be

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