Sage Line 100 : Compatability


Mr. J M Court


I'm not an accountant, but hope since no-one in any of the DB groups seems
to have heard of Sage, I thought I'd ask you guys.

My question is: How does anyone manage to implement any custom functionality
with Line100? I have so far managed to use the packaged ODBC driver to
connect to the "DB", but was amazed at how few queries are actually
supported. In fact, I can't even find a list of the supported SQL. The main
problems seem to stem from the Stock Control module, I must admit. Does
anyone have experience doing anything other than the odd SELECT from that
module via ODBC?

At the moment I am thinking of installing postgresql and simply restricting
Line 100 for Ledgers, Cashbook etc..

Furthermore, does anyone else find that sage enjoys crashing for no apparent

Any experience of being told that non-existent "locks" exist or can't be

I'm just interested to see how everyone else get on with this software. I
must confess to being a bit of a sceptic.


Sage Line100 6.2 (DOS version)




From experience the Line 100 ODBC driver is extremely inefficient and
for anything other than the most simple queries is unworkable.

Most custom functionality in Line 100 has traditionally been developed
in Retrieve 4GL, a development unique to Line 100 and in fact the
language Line 100 itself is developed in. However this is all about to
change with Line 100 v9 which is essentially a completely new product.

Locking problems are often due to incorrect registry settings -
certain settings need to be applied to workstations for correct
network operation.


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