Sales Tax Analysis Report Tax Exempt Problem



I have a strange problem with the sales tax analysis report.

On a VAT system, some items are taxable, some not.
Assign tax tables by item
NO customers are set to tax exempt
Items are either assined Item Tax VAT or <none>

I ran sales tax analysis report, and my numbers do not make sense.

Here is what the report looks like for a monthly timeframe (figures rounded):

TaxCode Tax authority Total Sales Taxable Sales Tax Exempt Non Tax Tax Co
N/A Non-Taxable 138,188 0 0
28.661 0
VAT VAT 138,188 90,326 5,652
42,210 13,548

First problem is that I can't figure out what the N/A Tax Code is for. The
28,661 does not relate to anything I can figure out.

Second, the Tax Exempt column does not make sense. I was able to confirm
that this number corresponds to total sales of an item I call MISC, but that
item has VAT as the assigned item tax. I confirmed that when this item is
used, VAT is deducted from the total and there is a correct entry in the
TransactionEntry table. I can't figure out for the life of me why those sales
would show up in the Tax Exempt column.

I was able to confirm that the 138,188 and 42,210 are correct. In a VAT
system, the difference should be the Taxable Sales (Sales including VAT).

This report does not seem to work right. Any ideas?



Afshin Alikhani

For the VAT report to work correctly you need to actually create a Tax Type
and also an Item Tax Called Zero. This way the system will calculate the
ZERO Tax amount and the Tax at ZERO. If you leave it as none this will not
accumulate the totals for ZERO which you need.

If you correct this the reports will be ok

Afshin Alikhani - [ (e-mail address removed) ]
CEO - Retail Realm
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =





I think I figured out the Tax Exempt problem. The item was changed to
non-taxable on one transaction manually (correctly). I was able to update the
TAXENTRY.TAXID to 0 to eliminate the figure from the Tax Exempt column on the
report and move it to the Non-Taxable Sales column where is belongs...

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