Sales Tax decrease



Iam using money 2006
Is it possible to create an expenses account (or transaction) that will
automatically make a decrease in the sales tax account (under loans &
Liabilities) that was created and filled from my assets account invoices.
I don’t know if you understand it the way I wrote it so let me rephrase.
In my invoices I check the box for sales taxes and I wrote the percentage
taxes e.g.
I sell a pair of shoes for 100€ with sale tax 19%.
In the invoice the subtotal is 100€ , the Tax is 19€ and the total is 119€.
In the sales tax account automatically appears a transfer transaction with
an increase of 19€.
! In my business I have to keep a book of all the spending and receiving of
the business and the difference of the tax collected (by the invoices) and
the tax payed (by my spending budgets) have to be paid in the government
every year.
After this I buy e.g. a printer for the business for 200€ with 19% tax (38€)
and I paid 238€.
How can I make this transaction (spending for printer) to money so as the
sales tax account automatically appear a transfer with a decrease of 38€ (and
for the specific example the ending balance of sales tax account appear
I hope you understand the question and I desperately hoping for an answer (I
spend a lot of my time for this so far)


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