USA Sales Tax Payable doesn't match Sales Tax Liability Report

Feb 12, 2018
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United States
Trying to enter our sales tax payment (made online through the state website), but having a problem where the "pay sales tax" window is showing vastly different amounts than the sale tax liability report. I've checked the date ranges, and that both are pulling on a cash basis, but still not getting even close. The Pay Sales Tax window also does not let me add any cities that I made a payment to, and Quickbooks does not allow me to edit past sales tax payments which is an issue because my predecessor got "around" this problem by just putting the sales tax payment in QB to whoever showed a balance in the window rather than who she actually paid per the state and STLR.... I'd like to fix her payments for the periods I haven't closed yet, but not sure how best to do so.

I've spent more than 10 hours trying to figure out why this is happening or how to fix it with absolutely no progress. HELP?!?!

Using QB Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition 2015 (yes I know it's expired, that's a whole 'nother issue we're working on getting fixed).


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