Savings Bonds again



i have read all the other messages about how to work with savings bonds but i
am wondering if Microsoft will have a version of money that will track bonds
better. i read the review about the 2005 version and if doesn't track any
better than 04 i don't think i need to upgrade. i like using moneyt but i
hope to see a version that will help me track all my money needs.



Dick Watson

Savings bonds really don't have much to track, but Savings Bond Wizard is
still the answer. I keep them in an investment account in Money and in SBW.
Money has two transactions per: the Buy and one relatively current Reinvest
Interest. The value of the latter is from SBW. I would think the interest
lookup for US Savings Bonds is a very low priority for Money to add: 1) it's
totally unique to Money US, 2) It's very low value add, 3) It would require
adding attributes to the database that the user would have to enter
correctly for it to work. Many users have enough trouble with stock symbols.

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