SBA - Application Shuts Down



I have SBA installed on 2 different PC's.

1 seems to work fine whether I access local MSDEV SQL or the Server SQL 2000.

The other computer is at home and here is what it does:

I just used the samples and such on the local computer at home as installed
with MSDEV SQL...

No problem openning company, but any time I choose to add a "NEW" whatever,
vendor, customer.... here is the last Event Viewer Entry when trying to add a
new Vendor:
Event ID: 5000
EventType sba, P1 1.0.3223.1, P2 win32exception, P3 callback, P4 .ctor, P5
fd62a8a3, P6 NIL, P7 NIL, P8 NIL, P9 NIL, P10 NIL.

I have the SBA SP1 installed. If I choose to "Debug" when the shutdown
screen appears, some times it comes up a cuople of time, but it may
eventually get me to what appears to be a legitimate data entry screen, but
sometimes it is just a blank form with a "file" menu - where I can choose

I don't know what to do. I could try to re-install or something.

BUT, if you reinstall, do you have to re-activate?

Anybody have any idea of re-install would even have a chance of working?




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