SBA2007 Integration with Dynamics Retail Management System 1.3


David Walker

I cannot imagine why Microsoft would put so much energy into Small Business
Accounting 2007 and Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operations 1.3
and fail to include a connection between the two.

How does supporting a competing product (Quickbooks) help drive market share?

Clearly it does not, it drives customers away from SBA 2007 on one side of
the equation; or it drives them to Intuits Point of Sale Solution on the
other side of the equation. Either scenario is a losing proposition for
Microsoft and the Parnter Community.

Am I missing something here?

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Marc Wagner

David... BTW you should be glad you don't live in Canada eh! The current
state of affairs is even more dismal... but one day... I'm sure they will
get it all together!

Marc Wagner


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