Scanning & OCRing receipts & paper into Office Accounting?

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Michael B. Parker

(1) Does (else roughly when will) Microsoft Office Accounting (which I think
was formerly called Small Business Accounting) support scanning in receipts
(and warrantees and other paper documents) linked to the transactions, as MS
Money & Quicken do? While it's cool that Accounting integrates with Paypal &
eBay, my number one issue is filing all this paper, so without good support
to go paperless, I won't select it.
(2) Also, second, does (else roughly when will) it also support OCR?
(3) BTW, I realize a temporary work-around (and maybe even better solution)
for both the above would be to use a receipt scanning service as which supports QuickBooks ("Web sites like, and offer free tools to
help organize and store your receipts online." says , though
only also has OCR, Quicken, & QuickBooks). But how well does or equivalent this work with Office Accounting?




This link might help you

It discusses amongst others:

Go Paperless with PaperSave

If your clients have ever dreamed of truly going paperless, PaperSave’s
PaperSavePlus can scan documents to the software and can associate the image
automatically to OA. All that your clients have to do is click on the “Add
Documents†or “Show Documents†buttons within SBA or OA. Or they can save
documents directly from OA into PaperSave.

Your clients can even sign up for a Webinar on PaperSave.

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