Schedule B Line 8 and Form 3520


Bob B

I own a modest position in AFT.UN via shares publicly traded
on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The official description of
these shares includes:

"Advanced Fiber Technologies (AFT) Income Fund is an
unincorporated open-ended trust that owns indirectly through
Advanced Fiber Technologies (AFT) Trust the former fiber
screening business of CAE Inc.

The Fund anticipates making monthly distribution of
Distributable Cash to Unitholders of record on each Record
Date that are expected to be paid to Unitholders no later
than the 15th day of each month."

When I read this and read the question of line 8 of Schedule
B, it would seem I should answer "yes". When I read the
Form 3520 instructions, it would appear I have to file that
form. In addition to not being confident as to how to fill
that form out, it seems like a useless exercise, since this
income is already reported via my broker.

Am I missing something? Or do I really have to take a shot
at this Form?

Bob Brown


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