Schedule M-2 and Schedule L



Hope someone can help me out here. I seem to have one number wrong or
misplaced in my Turbo Tax for business. I imported my Quickbooks data
for 2004 and I am getting a strange imbalance on my balance sheet
which I have tracked down to a sibgle number. But I don't know how to
fix it.

My 2002 schedule M2 Line 7 (distributions othet than
dividend distributions- Accumulated adjustments account)
equals $35,692.0 And My 2003 balance sheet is out of balance
by EXACTLY the same amount !! My Assets exceed my
Liabilities and equity by exactly $35,692.0

What am I missing here? How did I screw up? Or did Turbo
tax make a mistake? I doubt that though.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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