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Andrew Andoniadis

I had some difficulty downloading my recent bank transactions into Quicken
XG 2003. I fixed the problem by using the suggestion on the
website using the windows XP Control Panel Internet Options tab. I also ran
Validate File from Inside Quicken. I know it was a file problem because I
have an older Computer with the same version of Quicken still installed and
I tested my older file (same file as the current file but with a different
name) which I had not updated for a few months and it downloaded the recent
transaction with out a problem.
Now to my current problem. My more recent file (Andy New) will not show
scheduled transactions in the Scheduled Transaction List. I bring up the
list but it is blank. The scheduled transactions show in the calendar and I
can create new scheduled transactions which then appear on the calendar but
do not appear at the bottom of the account in which they are scheduled nor
on Scheduled Transactions List.
I moved the file (Andy New) to my old computer and opened it on that
computer with the same problem. When I open the older file (Andy Old) on
the old computer the scheduled transactions are visible in the Scheduled
Transactions List.
Does any one have any suggestions?
Many Thanks


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