Schema Not Found for the Selected Template



Currently running MSA07 on a pc with Office Standard 2003, no problems, have
another computer running MSA07 with Office 2007 Student version or some such
stuff. When I try to export an invoice to Word I get the error, schema not
found for selected template. Read through quite a bit of stuff, selected the
right schema, added the xml pack. Where do these dotx files need to be
stored so that I can open the invoice in Word 2007? I am confused and this
is taking way longer than it should, come guys give this old man a break

Thanks in advance.




I have exactly the same problem! I really don't know how to get around it. I
can see my new template document, but it doesn't see a schema even though the
path is correctly resolved and i have added .xsd in C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Small Business\Office Accounting 2008\wordexport directory
where all other schema files are.


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