Seeking accountant, bookkeeper, and tax-preparer affiliations.



I'm a Nevada Resident Agent and have clients scattered around the US, who
occasionally ask us to recommend accounting services local to them. If you
an accounting practice, bookkeeping or tax preparation service, have room
another client, would like to exchange informational pages on our respective
websites and generally be mutually beneficial to each other, we'd like to
know about you and it'd be a great help to our clients.

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L. T. Portella

We provide accounting services and are located in the metropolitan area of
New York City. We have been in business for the last 40 (forty) years and
are 100 % computerized. We have approximately 50 customers and wish to
expand. Will be happy to send you a copy of our monthly write-up reports
that we prepare.
L. T. Portella
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