Seeking an Accountant Looking To Expand

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by FriendlyBroker11, Sep 2, 2018.

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    Sep 2, 2018
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    Im a mortgage broker writing a good amount of business that wants to take things to the next stage.

    Im based in South Sydney.

    My end game is owning a consolidated business with an accountant. You must be established and independent.

    Key - You must be motivated in building a large business with multiple accountants and i as well will expand with multiple mortgage brokers.

    There will be no changes in acl's, business names etc. We just form a strategic partnership add a finance arm onto the accountants business & build the book of clients up. Revenue share is completely 50/50 on all splits up front and trail + 50/50 on all accounting clients referred in to the accountant. Each others clients stays their clients with no x referring outside of the partnership. When new business is available from clients from me or the accountant the first option is the strategic partnership to refer back to each other.

    I have my own leads and my own client base. So i expect the accountant to have their own base of clients as well.

    Ive spent a large amount of time building a business, building my knowledge base up & i want to take the next step on setting up a large business.

    Reply to this if you are open to initial discussions. This is not a get rich quick scenario. This will involve a lot of hard work and dedication. The end rewards after a large trail book is built up is endless.

    FriendlyBroker11, Sep 2, 2018
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