seeking collaborators in barmy e-commerce venture



A system house and one of its clients (a retail wine merchant with a web
presence) are embarking on stage two of a barmy venture!

The project could also help YOU produce an efficient and informative site
for your account customers to log in, browse your catalogue, and easily
create orders with minimal clicks or page-load delays.

The idea is that the product database is kept on the merchants own computer
using either MS Access or Excel, which will seamlessly synchronise with an
online MYSQL database, and deliver a lean, efficient, fast-loading set of
PHP pages to all web browsers.

We call it 'Project Barmy' because 'innovative' is too pretentious a word
for us, and we also hope this will put off more sensible & conventional
types from copying our ideas!

We're continuing to barmily go where no-one has gone before, and are looking
for other small online businesses to join in, contribute, and benefit as the
project expands & develops.

If at all curious, please visit

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