Seeking new Bank Recommendation


Matt Foster

I am currently a BankOne customer, but am dropping them due to the new ATM
service fee. BankOne now charges $1.50 per non-BankOne ATM transaction -
this is in addition to what the local bank that runs the ATM charges. I
travel A LOT and am always needing cash from a non-BankOne ATM.
Unfortunately, BankOne is also the dominant bank in my area - ATMs in
Walgreens, Dominicks, lots of branches. I am going to stand on principle and
cancel my accounts w/ BankOne however.

I was a Preferred Checking customer w/ BankOne for 10 years (no fees for
anythign if you kept a $2500 minimum balance - maybe it was 5K). They
dropped the account type.

I am seeking ideas for banks that integrate well with Money. I do like the
Active Statements and Online Bill Payment services available from BankOne -
these work seamless with Money.

I am tempted to use E*Trade bank as my primary checking. They offer refunds
of local ATM charges (for certain types of accounts w/ a minimum balance)
AND do not charge any fees for anything else. I don't think that the banking
side of E*Trade offers Active Statements or Bill Payment through Money.
Maybe I'll get away w/ the 24 months of free MSN BillPay in 2004 Deluxe and
navigate to E*Trade to download my statements. Seems like a step backwards.

Any better options? I don't want to pay any fees for ATMs, per check fees,
per deposit fees, per any transaction fee. I am willing to keep a relatively
high minimum balance (not the 25,000 that BankOne now requires for the no
fee services) provided there is some interest involved.



Mike Estes


I don't have a bank suggestion, although I think some of
the online ones (American Express?) will reimburse a
certain number of ATM fees.

I travel quite a bit myself and bank at a local credit
union. However many stores will let you get cash back
with a purchase. I like Walgreens myself because they are
everywhere. Go in, buy a Coke or whatever and pay with
your ATM card and get up to $60 cash back... (save cash
and get a tasty beverage...)

Happy Travels.


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