Seeking Private Investors


James Sparks

I started Family investors Group Ltd Co. as a commercial real estate
investor that purchases multi-family apartments in emerging and growing
markets. FIG is seeking to establish a long term business relationship with
a private investor(s) or lender(s). Our main focus is on the repositioning
of Class A and B properties ranging from 60 - 250 units. If you do or dont
understand real estate market cycles, the smart investor knows this is the
best time to establish a solid commercial portfolio. Let us work together
right now to build an outstanding portfolio that will allow us to reap the
benefits of our labor in the upcoming years. As a private investor, it's
very important that your investment be secured by a tangible asset. So if
you are a qualified accredited or non-accredited investor that would like to
know more me or about some of the projects that I have on the table, please
contact me James Sparks at Family Investors Group ([email protected])


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